The Strengths People was founded by Catherine Dudmesh, an experienced and respected leader with 20 years’ experience in the corporate world. Having  spent time as a Managing Director and on a group board, Catherine well understands the challenges of leading and inspiring a team of people in a demanding environment. And she brings this real world experience and practicality into all her development programmes.

Catherine has been working in people development since 2004 and has worked with positive psychology and strengths approaches since 2011. Having seen the practical impact the strengths approach has on enabling people to perform at their best, Catherine decided to focus on this approach and make it relevant and accessible to managers and their teams, to enable individuals and businesses to flourish. And so, she founded The Strengths People.

Catherine became a Strengthscope® Practitioner in 2012 and uses this strengths identification tool to underpin all her programmes. In 2017, Catherine became a Licensed Practitioner for Motivational Maps™ when she recognised the power of understanding and optimising our core motivators together with our strengths to fully tap into our internal sources of energy and drive. She has developed a unique model of development to combine these elements into a powerful and empowering coaching process.

In 2018 Catherine started working with the Liberating Leadership™ Programme as it became clear that many of her clients were looking for an accessible and practical process and set of skills to deal with the management challenges faced by leaders today. She shares these these tools and approaches with her clients as part of formal management development programmes or sprinkles them into coaching conversations when relevant.

Catherine takes the lead on client programmes and is supported by a network of Associate Coaches who have all excelled as leaders and managers in the corporate world before turning their skills and experience to people development. Each Coach is highly qualified, accredited in Strengthscope®, Liberating Leadership™ or Motivational Maps™ and, like Catherine, passionate about the power of strengths in identifying and unlocking potential.

As Catherine says “Our favourite subject is strengths and how to use these to be at our best more of the time – on a personal level and as managers of people. So if you would like to hear more, to bounce around some ideas, to share your thoughts and experiences, or to discuss a specific piece of work, we’d love to talk!”