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Developing team strengths and optimising team motivation enables energised and productive teams aligned to your organisational goals. It builds teams that are able to collaborate and maintain strong relationships with colleagues – all key to driving business success.
Who is this approach designed for?

With research suggesting that an emphasis on performance strengths is linked to a 36% improvement in performance¹, this approach is invaluable for all teams. For example:

  • Supporting newly formed teams to start working optimally
  • Developing teams that are pivotal to organisational success
  • Enabling teams delivering high-value, high-importance projects
  • Supporting disjointed teams that need to learn to work more collaboratively
  • Re-building existing teams to re-connect and re-focus on a changed landscape
How does it work?

We use group coaching, facilitated group discussions and conversation-based shared learning to leverage team strengths and optimise team motivation to achieve team-based objectives.

‘Engaging Teams’ programme

We have developed a programme to engage the power of team strengths and core motivators to build strong and productive teams who know how to get the best out of each other. The content of the programme is designed around the following themes:

  • Explore – discovering, developing and applying team strengths and core motivators
  • Align – aligning team strengths and motivation with the shared team goal
  • Connect – knowing each others’ motivators, strengths and weaknesses to enhance relationships
  • Collaborate – collaborating to agree positive team habits, behaviours and attitudes
  • Act – taking action to develop team effectiveness, optimise motivation and hold each other to account

¹CLC 2005

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