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We support managers to optimise their team’s performance by using a positive, strengths-focused management approach.
Who is this approach designed for?

The aim is to create a management culture that is anchored in a positive, strengths-focused approach to people management. It is a different approach to many traditional development programmes, and it is one that makes sense to managers, so they confidently put the techniques into practice on a day-to-day basis.

Research indicates that teams whose line manager takes a strengths-based approach are 86% more effective¹, so this programme is ideal for anyone who manages staff. For example:

  • Aspiring and newly appointed managers will learn how to lead people with confidence
  • Existing managers will enhance their ability to lead sustained high performance and free themselves from time-consuming people issues
  • Leaders will learn how to create a positive climate where people can do their best work and thrive
How does it work?

Through one to one and group coaching and training workshops we enable managers to optimise the performance of their people.

Instead of conversations that focus on problems and weaknesses, we want managers to have positive conversations that energise and inspire people to perform at their best. Whether it is a conversation to discuss future opportunities, a chat to share ongoing feedback or a more challenging conversation to rectify under performance, the goal is clear – to have constructive and motivational conversations that enable people to improve performance or develop potential.

The Liberating Leadership™ Programme

The Liberating Leadership™ programme gives managers a new way of working by developing the process, mind set and skills of strengths-focused people managers. The programme comprises:

  • An easy to follow and practical process for developing people to perform at their best
  • A proven system to quickly and confidently diagnose and resolve performance problems
  • A method of giving both positive and constructive feedback that maintains morale and builds confidence
  • A set of essential management skills to keep people happy, productive and engaged
  • A framework of underlying beliefs and attitudes that establish the mind-set of a positive manager who values the strengths each person brings

¹Gallup 2002

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